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Official Regalia of the Fourth Degree- PREORDER ONLY - $635 BILLED WHEN SHIPPED

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New Official Regalia of the Fourth Degree - PRE-ORDER ONLY

COST : $ 635.00 + Taxes and Shipping

ORDER WILL BE BILLED AT THE TIME OF SHIPPING - THERE WILL BE NO CHARGES TODAY ON YOUR ORDER.  Someone from Roger Sauve will contact you PRIOR to shipping to obtain your credit card information for payment.

1. Navy Blue Blazer with Fourth Degree Emblem Crest and Knights of Columbus Emblem of the Order buttons
2. Official Fourth Degree Gray Trousers
3. Official Fourth Degree Necktie
4. Official Fourth Degree Black Beret with Fourth Degree metal badge worn over the left eye. Rank/Officer patches can be ordered below.

Please see Color Corp Drill Manual for additional elements of the Regalia of the Fourth Degree.

The new regalia is to be worn as you would a business suit. The beret is worn with the fourth degree metal badge placed directly over the left eye. The right side of the beret folds down toward and over the right ear. 

Once you receive the regalia, please take it to your tailor for professional finishing. Trousers come with an unfinished hem. 

The  Official Regalia of the Fourth Degree is purchased as a set.

The garments of the official regalia are made in Montreal,Canada of high quality wool,wool made in Italy, made specifically for the Knights of Columbus. The blazer buttons hold the emblem of the K of C.  The Fourth Degree Blazer Crests are hand embroidered using metallic thread.  The tie is custom Montreal  silk and is made in  Canada.

Please get professionally measured by a tailor prior to ordering.